Descon test plus - electronic ph test

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descon® test plus with electronic pH measurement | Corresponds to the requirements of DIN 19643 / November 2012.

Extract of the standard: This fixed electrode must also be checked daily by means of an electrometric pH measurement (portable measuring instrument). Deviations between the continuous display unit and the control device must not exceed ± 0.2 pH units while maintaining the values stated in section 5.3, table 2 below. The electrometric pH measurement must be adjusted as two-point calibration according to the instructions of the manufacturer as regards frequency and sequence. It is mandatory that storage conditions for buffer solutions as well as their durability and purity are observed.

  • Electronic pH measuring set consisting of: Special pH sensor for descon® test plus, cable connector with D-Sub connector and impedance converter. Item no. 31105
  • Existing devices can be retrofitted. Individual parts / Spare parts: Special pH sensor for descon® test plus Item no. 35018
  • Cable connector with D-Sub connector Item no. 35016
  • Impedance converter for descon® test plus Item no. 35017