Descon® trol XV M Single channel system with touch panel

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Professional technology for individual applications. descon® single-channel measuring and control systems for individual measurements in drinking- and swimming-pool-water applications. descon®-trol XV M - the PROFESSIONAL LINE with touch display for an easy and intuitive operation.

Standard equipment of the series descon®-trol XV M: Wall-mounted housing, each with one measuring-input, temperature input, DI input and alarm relay, incl. PID controller with 2 control relays, 2. digital input and 1 analogue output.

descon®trol XV M DIS potentiostatic-measurement selectable / parameter selection: free chlorine, total-chlorine (TCL), hydrogen-peroxide, chlorine-dioxide and ozone Art.-No.: 12100XVM

descon®trol XV M pH or ORP selectable Art.-No.: 12101XVM

descon®trol XV M Conductivity Art.-No.: 12102XVM

Inductive conductivity sensor Art.-No.: 15028

Flow-through fitting for inductive conductivity sensor Art.-No.: 15029

Data logger with SD card Art.-No.: 15009XVM

Interface Modbus RTU Art.-No.: 15007XVM

Automatic sensor cleaning - ASR® - only for XVM DIS (free chlorine, chlorine-dioxide, ozone) Art.-No.: 15009_1XVM

Second analog output, galvanically isolated Art.-No.: 12133XV