descon® backwash plus Automatic backwash and filter control

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Features and functions same as for descon® backwash (53020 | 53024), but with a filter control in addition. Filter operation manual / automatic, filter time program, automatic heating, temperature display, interval display, display of backwash intervals, operating hours counter filter pump and heating, filter pump rundown incl. error message, flow control, connection for measuring, control and dosing equipment, service        display, incl. temperature sensor. The immersion tube is not included in the delivery - please order separately. Item no. 55115

Options: Solar control, level control for swimming pool or skimmer level. The service instructions must be observed when connecting additional options. Supply voltage: 230 V / 50/60 Hz Protection class: IP 65

Item no.: 53021 | Model for 6-way valve 1½ "  and 2“ Item no.: 53022 | Model for 6-way valve 3“