Peristaltic metering pump descon® dos mcs Design with geared motor in GCL technology

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Universal, microprocessor-controlled peristaltic metering pump for an automatic addition of liquid dosing agents, for use in pool water treatment (chlorine, pH correction, flocculant and active oxygen products), even suitable for smallest quantities, with adjustable time and pump output. Real control due to sophisticated and precise speed control using GCL technology. Max. delivery rate: 150 ml/min. Recommended max. dosing quantity/operation hours per day: 36 l / 12 h Recommended max. switch-on time at 0.5 bar counter pressure: 50%/h; 100%/h for 12 h with a setting <1/3 max. number of revolutions  and pump hose DLS 10.000 or smaller.

Special features:

•   Precise speed control (CLC) technology.

•   Hose connection 6/4 mm DN4

•   Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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