descon® trol XV PRO | with touch control panel Measuring and control device CHLORINE | pH | t with measuring sectio

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Measuring and control device descon®trol XV PRO with touch control panel Potentiostatic measurement method - with compact measuring cell 0410/B incl. sample water monitoring, sample water tap, fiber filter with integrated ball valve, sensor kit, measuring cable set, wall bracket for test liquids, calibration solutions, probe cleaner, sample water kit, operating instructions and quick start guide.

descon® trol XV PRO - free chlorine | pH | t with measuring section Potentiostatic - controlled version. Item no. 12310XV

Data logger with SD card for descon® trol XV - recommended equipment. Item no. 15009XV

Factory assembly on plastic wall mounting plate, incl. small parts, accessories, factory test report. Item no. 11904XV