11310XV descon® trol XVS | with touch control panel Version free chlorine | pH | t Complete system

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Measuring and control device descon®trol XVS with touch control panel Free chlorine | pH | t - Chlorine dosing by means of potentiostatic measurement method – with 2 descon® dos SCE synchronous-motor metering pumps, max. metering capacity approx. 3 l/h. Standard equipment with pump hose kit DLS 3000 (0.9 l/h). Compact measuring cell 0410/B incl. sample water monitoring, sample water tap, fiber filter with integrated ball valve. Sensors | Measuring cable set for chlorine | pH | t, wall bracket for testing liquids, calibration solutions, probe cleaners, sample water kit, metering valves, suction lances with reed contact, dosing hoses, operating instructions and quick start guide. Item no.: 11310XV

Data logger with SD card for descon® trol XV - recommended equipment. Item no. 15009XV

Factory assembly on plastic wall mounting plate incl. small parts, accessories, factory test report. Item no.: 11901X